Older changes of the MGCCS Homepage









9th Jan 2017 Version of "Pinboard" upgraded to 2.0.13 (Improved security)



12th Nov 2016 Section "Piazza" removed due to lack of contents and usage.
18th Oct 2016 Mail-Domain of pinboard changed to motoguzzicaliforniaclub.ch
6th Oct 2016 Version of "Pinboard" upgraded to 2.0.12 (Improved security)
4th Feb 2016 Some optimisation done for touch-screens of tabletts. (Menu and links)
17.Jan 2016 Favicon and apple touch icon generate (not tested due to lack of possibility)
13. Jan 2016 New URL activated. www.motoguzzicaliforniaclub.ch  (without .vu)
1st Jan 2016 Version of "Pinboard" upgraded to 2.0.11 (Improved security)



28th dec 2015 Feedback form removed
Oct 2015 Outage of the rerouting service nic.ch.vu
16th Aug 2015 Version of "Pinboard" upgraded to 1.1.21 (Improved security)




12th Nov 2014 Guest book deaktivated due to spam and lack of support.
23td Oct 2014 RSS feeder and joke of the day removed.
21st Oct 2014 Version of "Pinboard" upgraded to 1.1.20 (Improved security)
7.Oct 2014 Server web170 deleted/moved by the provider.



27. Oct 2013 The "pin bord" does now open in a own tab of the browser. It is "privacy" related.
29th Oct 2013 Version of "Pinboard" upgraded to 1.1.19 (Improved security)
3rd Feb 2013 Version of "Pinboard" upgraded to 1.1.18 (Improved security)
5th Jan 2013 Section "Contact CH" double-checked and corrected.



30th Dec 2012 Section "Boutique" removed as not up to date.
29th Dec 2012 Section "Links" double-checked and corrected.
22nd Dec 2012 Version of "Pinboard" upgraded to 1.1.17 (Improved security)
17th Mar 2012 Section "Contacts CH" double-checked and corrected.
2nd Jan 2012 Section "Contacts CH" double-checked and corrected.



25th Dec 2011 Version of "Pinboard" upgraded to 1.1.16 (Improved security)
11th Dec 2011 Section "Links" double-checked and corrected.

28th Sept 2011

Added the Cali 90 Anniversario to the section "California"

24th Sept 2011

Version of "Pinboard" upgraded to 1.1.15 (Improved security)

19th Jun 2011

Version of "Pinboard" upgraded to 1.1.14 (Improved security)

6th Mar 2011

Section "Giornale" modified to support photos from 2011.

12th Feb 2011

Version of "Pinboard" upgraded to 1.1.13 (Improved security)

1st Jan 2011

Section "Links" double-checked and corrected.




13th Nov 2010

Version of "Pinboard" upgraded to 1.1.12 (Improved security)

3td May 2010

Deleted all files on the backup server "Heim.at due to adverts. Deep links to it wont work anymore.




31st Dec 2009

Added the "Aquila Nera" to the section "The California".

31st Dec 2009

Section "Contacts CH" controlled and modified

30th Dec 2009

Section "Giornale" modified to support photos from 2009.

27th Dec 2009

Testing PHP scripts for random photos. 

25th Dec 2009

Section "Links" double-checked and corrected.

23rd Dec 2009

Stopped and removed the service Frappr (Slide-show with geo-positioning).

3td Dec 2009

Version of "Pinboard" upgraded to 1.1.11 (Improved security)

14th Nov 2009

Testing with new domain name.

13th Oct 2009

Navigation within the "pin-board" optimized.

27th Aug 2009

Deleted internal mailing list for the club.

27th Aug 2009

Section "Links" double-checked and corrected.

16th Jul 2009

Version of "Pin board" upgraded to 1.1.10 (Improved security)

4th Jul 2009

The server with the name "heim.at" does provide adverts. Use the URL www.englishmgcc.ch.vu or the with it reached server for deep links to have a free view.

26th May 2009

Version of "Pinboard" upgraded to 1.1.9 (Improved security)

15th May 2009

Switched off internal search engine from Google. Google knows enough.

15th Mar 2009

Registration form for the Club modified because of spam from Russia and the British Virgin Islands.

21st Feb 2009

Removed counter (house27.ch) as not reachable. Delayed Homepage.

9th Feb 2009

Head of homepage modified. (For Firefox user)

6th Feb 2009

Version of "Pinboard" upgraded to 1.1.8 (Improved security)

26th Jan 2009

Section "Travelsupport" removed.

1st Jan 2009

A new software (S MF) installed for the "Pinboard"




29th Dec 2008

Section "Giornale" modified to support photos from 2009.

29th Dec 2008

Section "Links" checked and updated.

26th Dec 2008

Offline test for a replacement of the pin board.

4th Dec 2008

Test with slide-show based on Java Script. Best view with Firefox browser

11th Nov 2008

Finally new software "Jalbum" in use to create gallery in the section for members

11th Nov 2008

Useless tool "Google Analytics" from the main section of the "Giornale" removed as it is most probably illegal without explicit warning on the homepage. The Google search bar on the main page and the indexing of all pages is still available/permitted.

3td Feb 2008

Section "Giornale" modified to support photos from 2008.

9th Jan 2008

Section "Links" checked and updated.




6.May 2007

The pin-board (left menu) was moved the a new provider. It supports now several languages. (to choose in the right upper corner.)

19th Feb 2007

Tests with a local search engine from Google.

25th Jan 2007

Automatic news reader of Pauls van Hoofs blog on main page removed since it cause response time problems. (English homepage)

23td Jan 2007

Added a Google map with members in the section "The club".

13th Jan 2007

RSS Feed (German only, for the time being) activated.

5th Jan 2007

"Eagle" introduced as distance holder on the main pages.




30th Dec 2006

Automatic news reader of Pauls van Hoofs blog on main page implemented. (English homepage only, for the time being)

29th Dec 2006

Starting to add "shadow" to the homepage. A optical thing..

26th Dec 2006

Section "Giornale" prepared for the year 2007.

24th Dec 2006

First test with shadows in the section "Travelsupport".

23td Dec 2006

Added Snap, a external function to preview link, to the sections "Contacts CH", "the California" and "Links". Does that make the navigation easier?

21st Dec 2006

First test with snap in the section "Travelsupport".

30th Oct 2006

Chat cancelled.

10th Sep 2006

The Club internal forum is no more available due to technical reason.

8th Apr 2006

Position of club logo optimized for Firefox and Opera browser

28th Mar 2006

New "Boutique" activated.

6th Mar 2006

Section "Boutique" added to the menu system.

18th Feb 2006

Section "Contacts CH" modified. Information about mistakes are very welcome.

12th Feb 2006

Some photo-galleries of the member section moved to a not hacked server.




30th Dec 2005

Section "Giornale" modified (Menu, year 2006)

27th Dec 2005

Adaptation of the sub-menu-systems to the browser Firefox.

18th Dec 2005

A comic (German) added to the section "Piazza".

29th Nov 2005

Link address of the formmailer (ICQ) modified (web170).

25th Nov 2005

URL of the heim.at server adapted to the guidelines of the provider.

21st Nov 2005

All links in the section "Links" checked and updated.

1st Nov 2005

Counter of homepage failed, including statistic of the month November.

1st Oct 2005

Counter of homepage failed, including statistic of the month September.

15thSep 2005

Forum for members is available again.

7th Sep 2005

Counter started to count again...

1st Sep 2005

Counter of homepage failed, including statistic of the month August.&

26.Jun. 2005

The reachability of the homepage is since some days lousy.

11.Jun. 2005

Also users of the Firefox Browser can here again surf without ads.

5. June 2005

The Ad for user of the Firefox browser disappeared, the frame remained.

27.May 2005

Users of the Firewall Browser do get Ads because of a Software Problem. The owner of the .ch.vu Name is advised.

2.Apr 2005

Forum for members no more available. Reason and downtime unknown.

4. Jan 2005

Section "Giornale" under construction, in order to have it ready for 2005.

3. Jan 2005

Wish-Board removed from the main page.




30.Dec 2004

The server from fateback.com is up again and with is some older picture galleries.

20.Dec 2004

The server from fateback.com with many pics from our club rides crashed after a DoS attack. The restore is initiated.

18.Dec 2004

Links in the section "Links" checked and corrected.

13.Dec 2004

Freely accessible Wish - Board on the main page activated.

17.Oct 2004

Section "The California" updated.

24.Sep 2004

The provider of the webspace for the German part of this homepage has troubles with the money.

2.Sep 2004

The Austrian provider (www.heim.at) of the free space for this homepage changed his mind and keeps ads away of the homepages. He offers now 50MBytes storage for free and eliminated some restriction. The member area is now legal...

20.July 2004

Feed-back form of the English part of the homepage moved to a new provider.

7.July 2004

English part of the homepage moved to another server provider "Dynamic.ch".

6.July 2004

The server space of the provider "heim.at" makes troubles since days. 

7.Apr 2004

Section "Giornale" re-organized.

31.Mar 2004

Pin-Board re-designed and opened again. Only German for the time being   

29.Mar 2004

Pin-Board temporary closed due to software changes from the service provider.

15.Mar 2004

A sub-section for personal web-pages of members added in the section 'The club'.

28. Feb 2004

Pin-Board included in the main menu.

27.Jan 2004

The area for members is now also accessible through the logo in the upper, right corner.

1.Jan 2004

Section 'Contacts CH' double-checked and a link to "Flon Motos" added.



14.Dec 2003

Section 'Links' double-checked and code modified.

9.Oct 2003

Reconstruction of section 'Giornale' (means diary) terminated.

8. Oct 2003

Section 'Travel-Support' renewed.

6.Oct 2003

Automatic jokes removed due to conflict with the poll.


Section 'Giornale' further re-organized, e.c. year 2000 out-placed.


Frameset of the English pages modify in order to eliminate the lower, horizontal scroller and to gain some width.


Started to optimize the section 'Giornale' (Slow loading).


The model 'California Leather' listed in the section 'The California'


Header of the homepage for IE Browser modified.

14.July 2003

Service points in Switzerland available in a printable form. 

13.July 2003

Guzzisti Test (German) moved to the section 'Piazza'.

6.July 2003

Rests of the Guzzi-Girl and the ride organization software removed.  Guzzisti Test moved into the section Piazza. Index updated.

2.July 2003

The program (Quicktour) that allowed to organize rides and trips between bikers is broken. (Section Travel support) 

26.June 2003

The section 'Contacts CH' is renew with new Guzzi dealers.

11.June 2003

Spam protection improved. (E-Mail of Club Members)

2.April 2003

Quicktour moved to the main page of the section 'Travelsupport'. 

27.Mar 2003

Chat moved from the member section to the Piazza. 

15.Mar 2003

A story about the history of the Moto Guzzi California added to the section 'The California'. 

8. Mar 2003

The re-newed section 'The California' is online. 

23. Feb 2003

The section  'The California' is under construction due to 'delivery' times

18. Feb 2003

Chat in the member section implemented. Move to the public section Piazza after some testing possible.

17. Feb 2003

Testing new server space from Russia. 

9. Feb 2003

A area for Instant Messaging added in the Piazza section and in the member section.

9. Feb 2003

Guzzi Girl in the section Piazza is no more linked directly. (She started to be too commercial).

5. Feb 2003

Vorstandsticker in the Club section replaced by the  forum.

1. Feb 2003

A forum for internal issues about the Club is ready for testing in the member area.

30. Jan 2003

Boutique in the section 'the Club' is ready.

22. Jan 2003

Newsletter in the section Piazza adapted to the new requirements of the host-server.

16. Jan 2003

Piazza moved from the Piranha Server to the Heim.at server due to update limitations.

11. Jan 2003

Section 'Links' double-checked and modified.

8. Jan 2003

Translation Page, French page and Quicktour moved to the main server.

7. Jan 2003

The server from I-networxs is since days hardly reachable. This concerns the French section and the Quicktour application on travelsupport page.

2. Jan 2003

Counter hidden in the brand-frame.

1. Jan 2003

Cover-page for New Year Greetings activated.




28. Dec 2002

Section 'contacts CH' checked and modified.

22. Dec 2002

Borders of tables changed.

8. Dec 2002

Counter displayed. The visitor number 2000 is expected soon.

14. Nov 2002

Review of homepage for color-blinds with www.vischeck.com

5. Nov 2002

Ongoing adaptions (Menu of page) for the Opera browser

3. Nov 2002

Activation of a new server (fateback.com) for the pictures.

26.Oct 2002

The homepage looks lousy with IE 6.0. It will change soon. The  Homepage is already under construction... 

20.Oct 2002

The service provider of the greeting cards stopped the operation.

20.Sept 2002

Checks and clean-up of link section.

14.Sept 2002

Guzzi-Girl removed as the operator has troubles.

14.Sept 2002

Own page for "Vision Zero" opened.

20.Aug 2002

Counter moved to 'brand'-frame due to malfunction.

15.Aug 2002

Position of logo corrected for netscape and Mozilla browser.

8.Aug 2002

Counter (house27) move to the mainpages and visibility activated.

28.July 2002

The Guzzi-Girl, a special FAQ-list is online again in the Piazza section.

13.July 2002

Test in the member area. (Access, Ticker)

8.July 2002

The form for the Feed-Back translated

7.July 2002

The english pages modified, to remove ads.

23.June 2002

Dictionary added as help for the German sites


Opening of the English pages

8.Juni 2002

Test mit Quick Tour einem 'Gemeinschafts-Tourenorganisator' -> OK mit grösseren Bildschirmenauflösungen (>800 x 600)

7.Juni 2002

Test mit einer Uebersetzungshilfe von Babylon

4.Juni 2002

Counter 'versteckt' wieder eingeschalten.

3.Juni 2002

Counter auf der Startseite wegen Problemen des Betreibers entfernt.

28Mai 2002

Probleme seitens Betreibers mit dem Guzzigirl. 

23.Mai 2002

Unruhe in der Internet und Telecom Branche. KPNQwest (EUnet) und Worldcom haben grosse Finanzprobleme und könnten pleite gehen. Piranho, Teil-Space-Provider (Piazza) dieser HP hat Geld und Kapazitätsprobleme wie viele andere Web-Service Provider, die kurzfristig eingeschaltete Werbung (Pop-up) konnte aber wieder abgeschalten werden. Es dürfte in der Branche noch Getriebeprobleme geben... 

4.Mai 2002

Counter wieder eingeschaltet. Cablecom Probleme des Providers behoben

1.Mai 2002

Counters entfernt da der Betreiber (house27.ch) nicht erreichbar ist und dadurch die Ladezeiten ins Untragbare steigen.

19.Apr. 2002

Neue Umfrage erstellt

15.Apr. 2002

Piazza erweitert mit Guzzi Girl und CH-Witz

8.Apr. 2002

Piazza erweitert mit div. Mailinglisten.

1. Apr. 2002

Kapitel Reisehilfen/Tests erweitert mit Web Statistiken vom März.

23.Mär. 2002

Postkartenservice optimiert (Ladezeiten), Logo geändert, Test mit Boutiqueformular, Neue Abschnittslinen auf der Hauptseite(Ladezeiten), Neue Abschnittslinien auf der Anlassseite (Ladezeiten). Feedback im Pinboard willkommen.

17.Mär. 2002

Logos, Linien und Datenbank 'Studien' im Verein/Mitgliederbereich.

16.Mär. 2002

Verschiedene Suchmaschinen avisiert.

5.Mär. 2002

Weitere Tests mit Formularen. (Boutique, Kommentar)

3.Mär. 2002

Test mit Kommentar und neuem Gästebuch -> OK, Einführung der Hinweisfelder (Input Franz) -> OK

24.Feb. 2002

Tests mit der Piazza, soll ein 'Schnurri' Bereich werden.

21.Feb. 2002

Boutique, Test mit Formular

18.Feb. 2002

Erneute Tests mit Anmeldeformular

14.Feb. 2002

Postkarten Service technisch OK.

11.Feb. 2002

Versuche mit einer Datenbank im Vereinsbereich. -> negativ

9.Feb. 2002

Versuche mit Newsletter -> OK

8.Feb. 2002

Versuche mit dem Logo. :-((

4.Feb. 2002

Test mit Zähler-> (OK), Links modifiziert, Test mit Gästebuch->(OK etwas viel Werbung), Test Pin Board->(OK).

3.Feb. 2002

Kapitel 'Links' eingeführt, Farbliche 'Studien', Der Verein modifiziert (nicht fertig), Menu erweitert, Test mit Zähler

29.Jan. 2002

Basis von Urs Zemp modifiziert, HP ins Web gestellt



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